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    J. Charles Weber Fire & Life Safety Consultant specializes in Fire Code Compliance & Interpretation, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Wildland Urban Interface Fire Protection Plans, Plan Review Services, Contract Fire Inspection Services, and Fire Prevention Officer Training. We provide high-quality service and customer satisfaction, basing our services on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance and a commitment to meet those needs.

Code Compliance & Interpretation

  • Due Diligence Inspections, Evaluations and Fire Code Compliance Reports for Proposed & Existing Buildings, Structures and Land Use
  • Project Evaluation for Fire Code Compliance
  • Facilitation Meetings with the Fire Authority Having Jurisdiction to explain projects and their unique and relevant issues
  • Develop safe, reasonable and cost effective solutions

  • California Environmental Quality Act Fire Protection and Wildland Urban Interface Plans

  • County of San Diego County approved Fire Protection Consultant
  • Fire Protection Plans for Planned Community Developments, commercial-industrial projects, change of land use, parcel divisions and single family dwellings
  • BEHAVE Fire Modeling - computerized wild fire behavior analysis for community planning, establishing safety zones and vegetation hazard assessment
  • Evaluation of Fire Protection Plans for Fire Code and CEQA compliance
  • Defensible Space Evaluation and Planning

Plan Review Services

  • Outsource Plan Review for Public Agencies - new construction, commercial-industrial tenant improvements, residential re-model or room additions
  • Pre-submission Private Sector Plan Review - new construction, tenant improvement;  Occupancy, Use and Process reviews; Fire Protection Systems; Fire Protection Requirements - egress analysis and exits, fire department access and water supply

Fire Prevention Training

  •  California State Fire Training Fire Prevention Officer Instructor - All Certification Courses

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